Friday, February 1, 2008

SIMPLY WAIT: THANK YOU! from Patry Francis

I just received this email from Karen Dionne of Backspace and one of the wonderful people who helped organize THE LIAR'S DIARY BLOG DAY on Tuesday, Jan. 29.

"In the end, very nearly 400 bloggers helped move her novel from a ranking of 55,000 on amazon at the start of the day, to #1 in Mystery, 375 overall by evening. Those statistics prove the day was a success, but we knew it would be even before the day began because we could see the groundswell of support, feel the sense of community.

Canada's National Post did a story about our effort on the 29th, and the next day, told us it was their third most-read online article EVER. We're hoping that others in the print media will now come on board. What took place was a remarkable demonstration of the power of the Internet community, and deserves to be told. And of course, we hope Patry's sales continue to soar, and more important, that her recovery goes smoothly."

And don't forget to read Patry's thank you on her blog, SIMPLY WAIT: THANK YOU!

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