Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Operative Reveals Cyber Terrorist Plot

In my last post, The Starbucks Caper…, I thought I was going to meet the mysterious Jake Stone, who claims he was a covert operative for the CIA, NSA and other secret groups and that he has top-secret information to reveal that will shock the world. Instead, I received a Starbucks gift card and a letter with time sensitive ink. As I read the letter sitting in my car, the ink began to vanish. Luckily, I was able to photograph most of it with my phone before it disappeared. Here is what he wrote:

"A secret group of powerful and well-funded individuals calling themselves ICER have hacked into a newly developed wireless device installed in cell towers by Homeland Security after 911 that can reprogram any computer from aircraft to PDAs. The hackers also turned the device into a powerful weapon that can kill any living creature in its swath using cell phones as tracking devices.

It is believed these people can hack into any computer system including the power grid, banks, and other critical infrastructure systems with this technology.

No one knows for sure which cell towers contain the devices so the devices cannot be destroyed unless every cell tower in the US is disabled. They are fully integrated into the cell tower equipment and whoever is controlling them now changed our access codes so we can’t get in to turn them off. These devices were built with the highest security levels available…512-bit encryption…we couldn’t break the code in 200 years using all the computer power of all the computers on the Internet. We would have to destroy at least two thirds of the cell towers in the country to stop them.