Thursday, October 2, 2008

I Just Sat There…Stunned

I just sat in my car trying to clear the fog out of my mind when my cell buzzed and danced in the cup holder where I forgot it before entering the Japanese restaurant. (See my last post, Drugged, Kidnapped and Left to Ponder my Fate about that harrowing episode.) I knew instantly who it was from the familiar ring and photo displayed.

"I'm so glad to hear from you," I said to my wife.

"Where are you? I called the police and they are ready to file a missing person's report!" Wow, I didn't realize how loud my phone could be. I tried to turn down the call volume, but I couldn't remember where the buttons were located.

"I'm sorry, but they put something in my beer and I passed out. Then they took me to some dilapidated farmhouse where there was a gun fight…

"Are you drunk? Are you having an affair?"

"No! No! Are you nuts?"

"I can't imagine why it took so long to meet a guy about your book, who you've never met, never seen and who sounds really dangerous…people disappear all the time…you should have called…" I could hear the tears falling in the background.

"I'm fine. I'm fine." I let out a deep breath. "I'll be home in few minutes. I didn't have my phone; everything happened so fast. I'll be right home."

"Okay." I could barely hear her, but I heard her pain.

I started to drive out of the parking lot and the phone came to life again. There was no caller ID.


"You're lucky to be alive," the voice said. "Now you can work with us and stay alive or take your chances with them."

"I'm not dealing with this bullshit!" And I hung up.

As I drove home I noticed a car that I thought was following me, but then again maybe I was being a little too paranoid.

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