Wednesday, January 30, 2008


UPDATE TO THE UPDATE - Thanks to Richard Cooper, one of the 300 bloggers who just pointed out that Patry's book soared to the Number One position on Amazon for Psychological and Suspense fiction yesterday. Check out his blog with the screen shot of this phenomenal success story.

The power of the Internet and more specifically the power of blogs proved to be a significant force yesterday in the publishing world.

Patry Francis' THE LIAR'S DIARY jumped from a sales rank of 26,701 to 380, up 6,926% on The book was the 2nd largest gainer in sales in 24 hours as of yesterday afternoon.

Her current rank on Amazon is 440 up from 10,947 or a 2,387% increase in sales! Thanks to the selfless efforts of more than 300 bloggers who wrote about Patry yesterday and all the wonderful people who bought her book.

Take a look at my post below and the links there to realize the reach of this noble effort.

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RAC said...

In the category of "Psychological & Suspense," THE LIAR'S DIARY by Patry Francis reached #1 before the day ended--see an actual screenshot of this momentous event of successful viral marketing by Patry's friends and literary acquaintances at